Q: How many people do you expect to attend/shop the craft show? OR How have your craft shows done in the past?

A: I do not charge a fee to attend my shows nor do I have someone stand at the doors with a counter. This would be hard to tell you without doing this. I can NOT predict how many people will come out to shop. I can however tell you that I have many signs posted thru the neighborhood and by busy intersections/locations. Events are posted on different social media sites, flyers are put out at local businesses and I try to purchase an ad in the local paper. I have found being a host of shows, and as a participant of other shows, that it depends on the weather outside a lot of times as well. As a Participant I do require YOU to post on social medias or print out the flyers I email/text to pass out yourself to help with advertising!

Q: How much is it to participate? 

A: Your FIRST show and FIRST space is $30. A second space for each show is $15. If you choose to participate in more than one show AND pay for them at the same time, the additional shows are discounted at $25 each. 


Q: Can I paypal you the money for my space fee?

A: Yes, you may, Paypal is my preferred method of payment for my shows. You MUST send your payment to me at AMY17EVENTS@GMAIL.COM as FRIEND/FAMILY. I am not providing you a service or merchandise. Do NOT send payment to me as a payment for a service or goods. This charges a fee and I will not receive the full amount due for your space fee. IF you do send your payment this way, you WILL be invoiced a bill for $5.00 to cover the fees and it must be paid before you are confirmed as participating.


Q: How do I send you the contract if I paypal?

A: You can send your contract thru email to me by scanning the signed contract and attach OR you can even snap a good clear picture of the contract and send it to me thru email or text.


Q: How do I know I am confirmed as a participant in your show?

A: You will receive an email from me stating that I have received BOTH your payment AND contract and you are confirmed. You will see your name/company listed under the show date on my website as well.


Q: Will you hold my spot until I can pay?

A: NO! I can NOT hold spots for ANYONE! If you send me a signed contract without payment, you are NOT confirmed as a participant yet. If you send me you payment without a signed contract, you are not a confirmed participant. I MUST HAVE BOTH PAYMENT AND CONTRACT!


Q: Do you accept more than one consultant per company?

A: No! Only one consultant per company. I will not duplicate companies at my events. I also LIMIT the number of the type of crafts as well. (Jewelry, knitted, crochet, bath and body.. etc…)


Q: What if someone else pays for a space for the company I am with before you receive MY payment?

A: Your payment will be refunded, or check will not be cashed and returned to you.


Q: how big will my space be?

A: At least 6x8. Depending on participants, it MAY be bigger. Enough room for the six foot table and one foot per side to walk between.


Q: I have extra racks/displays that I use, can I have a space against the wall, corner or end of isle?

A: Yes, you may. There is a $5.00 fee to have a guaranteed wall space. BUT, this does not mean you will have EXTRA SPACE.


Q: Is there a discount if I purchase a second space?

A: Yes. (ONLY AT MOOSE LOCATION) A second space is $15. It is recommended that you purchase an extra space if you are bringing extra fixtures/tables. 


Q: Are tables provided?

A: Yes, a 6ft table is provided along with 2 chairs per space AT THE BARBERTON MOOSE LOCATION ONLY. All other locations will require you to bring your own SIX foot table or rent one from me at $10.00 fee.


Q: What time is set up?

A: 8:30 am NO EARLIER! I do SOMETIMES have a FRIDAY night set up at the Barberton Moose Location. See your email the week of the show for times. 


Q: Is a donation required?

A:SOMETIMES, we do have Chinese raffles and I ask for you to donate a small item of at least $5.00 value for raffles.


Q: Can I bring my child?

A: Yes, However, you need to keep your child with you at your table space at ALL times. The other vendors and I are NOT babysitters! I cannot have children walking around by themselves.


Q: Will there be food to purchase?

A: Yes. There will always be coffee, water, a variety of pop, sloppy nachos, hot dogs, sloppy joe and assortment of chips to purchase at the Barberton Moose Location (made by Linda). ALL other locations will still ALWAYS have some type of concessions.

Q:I have allergies or don't like to have strong smells near me, will there be vendors with strong scents?

A: Yes. I do allow vendors who sell products with scents. They are allowed to plug in and warm, burn or or have their oils misting. If you do not like the scents, you need to note on your CONTRACT that you would like to not be next to a table space with products that let off a scent.

Q: I have a family emergency or something came up and I can not attend the show I paid for. Can I get a refund? 

A: NO, I do not refund space fee payments. The reason being that when you pay, you are added to my list of participants, I count on you to be there, I use the space fee money for payment of the hall as well as for advertisement. Advertisement payments usually are made well in advance, I use a percentage of each space rented toward the advertisement. (new signs, paper ads, flyers etc...) If I refund payments then I am the one loosing money because the funds have been used to advertise already. 

Q: I can not make it to the show! What do I do?? 

A: You Must contact me ASAP! You can Email, text or call, but it must be done. If you fail to let me know you can not make the show you will not be accepted into any other shows of mine And forfeit any payments for future shows!

Q: How can I help with advertising?

A: I have signs you can pick up and put in your yard the week before. There is a contest every Craft Show to win your $30 space fee back and a second person will win $25 cash. Get entries into the contest by simply doing the following:

post in the the facebook event about your company and/or products = 2 entries

share the facebook event on your page and tag me = 1 entry (limit one per day)

post a flyer at a local business, take a pic and send to me = 5 entries

donate an item to the raffles the day of the craft show = 3 entries 

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