Requirements/how to participate in my Quarter Auctions

  • pay the participation fee 

  • I ask for you to donate two items from your product line with a value of at least $20

  • If you would like to receive quarters back from an item I would need a THIRD donation of at LEAST a $10 value. This can be ANYTHING! (does NOT have to be your product-participants like to get gift cards, lottery tix or wine because these tend to get the most bids) I do this so you can go away with at least one 'sale' from the auction.

  • In order for me to list your company as participating I MUST have you payment/contract AND all donations descriptions to me at LEAST one week PRIOR to the auction. I like to be super organized and prepared ahead of time. Making the list of items to print out for everyone that comes, takes time! 

  • You will receive 2 free paddles for participating. You also will receive an additional 4 paddles to sell or give away to guests for them to attend the auction. You will need to tell me the day of the show if you have guest coming that need your 4 paddles. They will get them at the door. This will work like will-call tickets.

  • A CONTEST JUST FOR YOU AS PARTICIPANTS! I will do a drawing at the end of the show for someone to receive a refund of their participation fee. Entries will be given for the following:

  • 3 entries for each person you have come and participate/play in the auctions​

  • 10 entries for donating the 3rd item 

  • 1 entry for every time you post the event on social media and  tag me(limit one per day)

  • 2 entries for posting IN the event on facebook

  • 5 entries for posting a flyer at a business (this can be your work place, a restaurant or anywhere) 

Set up time is always 2 hours before the show. Doors open 1 hour before the show for guests to register for their paddles and shop from the vendors. 


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